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How Will You Know If You Need a Service System for Your Septic System

If you are starting to notice that your drains are going down more slowly, there is a bad smell in the air, you can hear funny sounds at night, or there is some added wetness in your lawn, you might have a bit problem on your hands – a problem that you want to tackle as soon as possible. These are all signs that your septic system needs some major help – and quickly seeking help for your problems may be the best way to save money and prevent an even bigger problem from happening.

Septic tanks aren’t in all homes, but more and more are seeing failures due to lack of care and routine maintenance. Problems with your septic tank can be extremely messy, expensive, and terrible for the environment.

Here are some of the most common signs of septic system problems:

Gurgling Within Your Walls

If it sounds like there is something going on in your walls, and you are sure it isn’t mice (or ghosts), you might have a problem with your septic tank. This is most common right after you have flushed the toilet or run water down a drain. It is a sign that you probably need to pump your septic system or at least have some maintenance.

Drains Are Super Slow

If your have noticed that your drains are slow – any of your drains: kitchen sink, shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, or even floor drains, there could be a problem with your septic system. This could also be a sign that there are problems with your pipes as well, so if there isn’t a problem with one, it might be the other.

Toilets Won’t Flush

Having a toilet that won’t flush is pretty much a nightmare in and of itself, but it could be a sign that there are even bigger problems afoot. If your toilet won’t flush, or it is slow to flush, it could be any number of problems. If you use a plunger and it doesn’t fix the problem, then it could be a septic system issue – namely, that the tank is full and it is time for a pump out. However, it could also be a sign that there is a clog somewhere in the pipes.

There’s an Odor in the Air

Bathrooms won’t always smell like roses, we can all admit that. However, if you smell something that lingers or doesn’t smell like a typical bathroom smell, then you might have a big problem. Rotten egg smells, sulfur, and overwhelming scents can be a sign that raw sewage has escaped the tank. Do NOT try to solve this problem by yourself, as the odors are not only foul, they can be toxic.

Water Problems

Water problems are another sure sign that you have a septic system problem. If you have water backing up when you run a washing machine, you should call a professional as soon as possible. Not only could the water be dangerous, it could absolutely destroy your washing machine.

Patches of standing water are also a huge problem, especially outside. The system is probably failing, and that water is disgusting and smelly. You have to tack the problem because it could be a public health hazard, especially if you live in a tightly compacted neighborhood.

Your Grass is Getting Greener

Green grass is a good thing, right? Wrong – in some cases. If you notice that the grass right above and around your septic tank is continually greener than the rest of your grass, this is one of the earliest signs that you might have septic tank problems. The lawn might be enjoying the extra fertilizer, but you certainly won’t be for long.

Why Is My Septic Tank Failing?

Many problems with septic tanks are caused by using too many things that you shouldn’t be or putting things down the drain that ought not to be there. Other than human waste, the only thing that is safe to go down any drain should be toilet paper. Even garbage disposals should be used with caution.

Get Help For Any Septic Tank Problems Immediately

You need to hire a service company for your septic system as soon as possible when you think that something is going wrong with your septic tank or the septic system. There is not time to waste, as it will put you at risk for seeing more and more of your own waste.

Contact a highly rated septic tank company, like Atlanta Septic Tank Pros today – do not hesitate.

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