Selling Your Home In Vancouver

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What Exactly is the process to sell my home? When you start to think about selling your home, you may instantly start to twitch and develop a migraine from all the stressful situations you foresee. Selling your home does not have to be frustrating. Believe it or not, there is a process and if you have the right realtor, you can actually enjoy the process rather than worry about a full head of grey hairs. Here are the right steps to take The first step always includes what I like to call “the interview”. Remember you are hiring someone to sell your home, not the other way around. Have an agent come by that is well known or comes highly recommended to tour your home and give you her estimate. Sit down and talk through your expectations and you will know right away if she is the person you want to hire. Hopefully, she is and you can move on from there. If not, keep looking if you aren’t...

Terms and Conditions of Rental from Family Apartments

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Family Apartments – Client  O w n e r s     1. Reservation Before anything else, you must send a request for reservation via e-mail, specifying your desired house or apartment and your preferred dates. If the period you requested is available, you will be asked to sign a rental contract and make a 50% down-payment of the total rental fee in order to reserve your chosen house or apartment. This down payment may be paid in check, via bank transfer (transfer fees charged to your account), or via PayPal (4% charge for every transaction).   2. Contract as soon as your reservation is recorded, we will send you a confirmation of reservation. A contract will then be drafted in your name, indicating your chosen house or apartment and the dates of your stay, and sent to you via -mail. You must print this contract, sign it and send it back to us via post in order to assure...